October 1, 2015

October Goals

I totally missed setting September goals, but as hot as it was most of the month, it sure felt like Summer, so we'll just pretend it was included with my Summer goals. I love Autumn and this week truly feels like sweater weather has arrived. We already have a jump start on some fun Fall festivities. We went apple picking, baked a pie and went to our nephew's football game last weekend. October will be full of lots of celebrations and family time. I can't wait!

Summer Goals (May - August): 
  • Catch up on little one's baby book 
  • Celebrate my first Mother's Day
  • Celebrate Todd's first Father's day
  • Go walking 2-3 times a week - also get new running shoes and hopefully start training for that 5k on my 30 before 30 list
  • Finish cleaning out the basement
  • Have a yard sale
  • Finalize plans to start finishing our basement
  • Go to the lake with Todd's family
  • Celebrate the 4th of July with friends
  • Spend many days at the pool and just take it easy

October Goals: 
  • Catch up on little one's baby book - I seriously need to get on this before I forget all the details. She is growing too fast!
  • Bake a pie
  • Go jogging 3 times a week
  • Finish cleaning out the basement
  • Celebrate two of our nephew's birthdays
  • Make homemade applesauce
  • Celebrate my sister's birthday
  • Finalize plans to start finishing our basement
  • Celebrate our sweet baby's dedication at church
  • Go on a weekly date night 
  • Finish a baby quilt for a friend
  • Get a jump start on Christmas gifts

What do you have planned for October?

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