June 25, 2015

6 months

Sweet girl,
You are growing up so fast right before my eyes. Time slow down. I want to savor these sweet moments and soak them all up so that I'll never forget. You have learned and grown so much this month. In the last few weeks you've learned how to army crawl across our floor and you are now sitting up on your own, I know you'll be full on crawling and making your way around the house in no time at all. At your check up yesterday the doctor said you are such a strong little girl and you'll be crawling on your own very soon and that we had better start baby-proofing the house. I don't know where the last 6 months have gone baby girl.

I just love watching you learn and discover new things each day. You've started waving to us which is so sweet my heart can hardly take it. Your eyes light up when we get home from work. You've started to be more clingy to us and hesitant of being held by someone new, but you are never shy to offer up a big grin and squeals of giggles when in the arms of someone you know.  You love to babble away and blow raspberries. You are perfectly content to play on your own but also love playing with others. Your cousins just adore you and it is so sweet to see you learning how to play with them. You absolutely love seeing other babies or children. Your face just lights up and you want to hug and play with them right away. I have a feeling you may be an extrovert like your daddy but I definitely see a softer, sensitive side to you as well. As you are growing I see the perfect mix of us in you, you have your daddy's gentle eyes and my smile. You have a gentle heart and love to be held, but you can also be very independent and want to do your own thing. You are such a happy baby, always with a smile on your face. You have so much personality packed in that little body of yours. I love watching your personality develop and change as you are getting bigger.

Love you baby girl, I can't wait to see what you'll learn next month and how you'll grow and change even more.


length 26” - 55%
weight 14lbs 3oz - 15%
head 16.75” - 60%
wearing: 3-6 month separates and 6 month sleepers

swimming lessons and playing in grandma and grandpa's pool
Niah and Ellie - you three are inseparable
big belly laughs
when daddy sings and plays guitar with you
babies and kids
waving to us

Waving to Dad as he was trying to get you to smile and look at the camera.