October 12, 2015

A Birthday, Some Pumpkins and a Bengals Game

This past weekend was full of so many fun things and lots of family time.

On Friday we celebrated my sister's birthday with my family. She requested a "breakfast for dinner" menu and apple pie as her "cake". We had a great time enjoying a leisurely dinner at my parents' house and just spending time together as a family.
Unsure about why Todd wrapped her gift in an old screw container. 
Todd had to work Saturday morning, so I stayed home and took care of some cleaning and things around the house. That afternoon we went to our nephew's football game. They won and are now headed to a tournament! We are so proud of him and his team.
After the game we headed over to a nearby pumpkin patch. None of us had ever been to a true pumpkin patch before. I mean, every year we go to the same one, but they always just have piles of pumpkins already picked and you can select the one you want. We had to take a hay ride from the parking lot out to their patch and then walked through the fields trying to find which pumpkin we wanted. It was quite the experience. Our oldest nephew was super into it and kept trying to find the biggest one. His younger brother was running around pretending to be Spiderman and wanted to pick the best pumpkin to eat. And our little girl was pretty oblivious to the whole thing and just wanted to play and wave to everyone she saw. It was quite the comedy act. haha. Todd's sister brought her nice camera with her and was able to capture some sweet photos of our little girl for us. We let our nephew pick out one for us, we took the hayride back to the main building, picked up some fresh apple cider, local honey and a quick snack and headed back to Todd's parents for some dinner and to watch some football.
Some friends invited us to the Bengals vs. Seahawks game on Sunday. Todd is a big Bengals fan and the Bengals were going into this game with a 4-0 record this year. Needless to say, he was pretty pumped. We didn't take our little one to the game, but she was certainly dressed for the occasion. My parents watched her while we were at the game. We met up with them before hand to drop her off and snapped a couple photos of the 3 of us in our game day attire.
This was my 2nd time at a pro football game. The stadium was so loud, the energy was contagious. Our friends had excellent seats 7 rows up from the field. The game was so exciting. We were down at the beginning of the 4th quarter and many people started to leave. We stayed to the end and are so glad we did, we saw one of the best come backs. The 4th quarter ended in a tie and the game went to overtime. We ended up winning with a field goal that bounced off one of the uprights. Such an exciting game! We had a blast with our friends. Thanks so much for inviting us!!

All in all, we had a great weekend. So many fun memories were made with dear friends and family.

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