February 16, 2015

Valentine's Day 2015

This year for Valentine's Day, we spent some time as a family just hanging out at home. It was really nice to spend the day together just the three of us.

My grandparents and aunt were in town for the day, so later in the day we went over to my parents house for dinner and to spend some time visiting with them. They aren't in town that often and they were excited to see Charlotte and to get in some baby snuggles.
After dinner we were taking silly pictures and all of a sudden little peanut got this straight face. Parents, you know the face. She had the biggest blow out I've ever seen. Bless her heart, she had been having an upset belly all day, after that she was much happier to have her tummy feeling better. It was straight to the bathtub for her. Once we got her all cleaned up we headed home to get her to bed.
While it wasn't a typical Valentine's day full of chocolates, flowers and fancy dates, it was exactly what we needed. A nice quiet day spent with each other and then quality family time.

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