February 27, 2015

2 months

Sweet baby girl,
This week you turned 2 months old. Where has the time gone? You are growing and changing so much every day. I swear every day when I get home from work you are taller and bigger than when I left for work that morning. This post is a few days late because I wanted to include your stats from your 2 month check up. You are now 10lbs 9ozs and 23" long. You've grown 2" taller since your one month check up! You are in the 77th percentile for height and 17th for weight. I think you are going to be tall and slender like I was as a child.

This week you learned to roll up onto your side when we lay you down on your back. I can tell by your little grunts and coos you are working so hard to make it all the way over to your tummy. Soon enough, little one. You did roll from your tummy to your back this morning for the first time, your daddy was so proud he was calling for me to come quick to see you do it again. I think you were worn out from the first time, but I'm sure I'll see you do it soon.

We've settled into a nice little routine with our days and you are sleeping wonderfully. We all are in bed by 10 and you usually only wake once to nurse. You are learning to take the bottle much easier from your grandma during the day when she watches you. You are such a happy little girl, always smiling. You only cry if you are hungry or have a soiled diaper.

You love to snuggle up really close first thing in the morning when you are just waking up. It melts my heart every day. Really, you love to snuggle anytime and love to be held. I can tell already you have a sweet sensitive side.

You can also be very independent at times and want to lay on your own and not be held, especially early in the evening. You love to lay on the kitchen table with us watching right by your side, kick your feet and make smiles at us. Your favorite game is the "ah" game. We make big smiles and sing-songy ahhh sounds, you giggle and squirm and make big smiles right back at us. It brings me such joy watching you discover new facial expressions and seeing you so happy.

We've had colder than normal temperatures the last couple weeks, which means we've been dressing you in warmer clothes to keep warm inside, you do not like that. You love to just lay in a onesie or your diaper and kick your feet, you giggle so much and make the sweetest coo sounds.

Bathtime is your favorite. I think you may be a swimmer when you get bigger. You just love the sound of running water. We normally bathe you in your infant tub in the sink, but sometimes one of us puts on our bathing suit and gets in the big bath with you, and oh how you love that. You just love "swimming" in the tub while we hold you and let you discover kicking and splashing in the water.

You especially love when your daddy sings to you, you smile and laugh at his silly made up songs. When you cry, worship songs or daddy's made up lullabies soothe you into a sweet calm rest. We've had lots of snow lately, so "do you want to build a snowman?" has been your daddy's song of choice. You also love the rubber ducky song. You giggle everytime he starts to sing either of these songs. I just adore watching your sweet bond develop between the two of you. You love watching him play guitar, your face filled with fascination and joy at the sounds. I so hope your joy for music doesn't fade and you learn an instrument of your own one day.

Sweet girl, these past two months have gone so quickly. Every day you learn new things and I just love watching you grow. I'm so lucky to be your momma. I love you my sweet daughter.


length 23.5" - 77%
weight 10lbs 9oz - 17%
head 15.25” - 48%
wearing newborn and 0-3 months

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