August 26, 2015

Ningxia Red

Todd and I recently tried Ningxia Red for the first time and we are loving the benefits from it. We each drink 1oz in the morning with our breakfast. Sometimes we add in other Young Living Essential Oils and sometimes we drink it plain. We love trying out these fun "shot" recipes we found on the YL Blog.
Infographic Credit - Young Living Blog
Young Living recently came out with a new product called Ningxia Zyng, a sparkling beverage. I haven't had the opportunity to try the new Ningxia Zyng yet, but decided to try out my own version at home. I love sparkling water plain, so I figured I'd try out mixing it with Ningxia Red to see if I could help our bottle last longer. Todd does not love sparkling water, more specifically he hates it. He thinks it is disgusting. So, I didn't really think he would enjoy this drink.

One morning I decided to try mixing some sparkling water with Ningxia Red. I put a bottle of sparkling water in the fridge the night before so it would be nice and cool. I poured 1 oz. of Ningxia Red into a glass and filled it the rest of the way with sparkling water. Oh. My. Stars. This was SO YUMMY. I was worried it would get watered down and lose its flavor. I was so surprised that it still had great flavor plus it was nice and bubbly. I offered Todd a sip and I couldn't believe it, he loved it too!
Every morning we both have a glass of our "sparkling juice." Sometimes I add in other essential oils and sometimes we drink it plain. I love having something to drink along with breakfast that isn't sugary juice, coffee or tea. 

If you are interested in learning more about Young Living and Ningxia Red, check out the Young Living website. Wondering why I joined Young Living? Check out this post. If you are interested in joining for yourself you can sign up here. As always feel free to message me with any questions. 

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