August 28, 2015

8 Months

Sweetest baby girl,
My goodness, you are growing so fast and discovering something new every day. You are totally mobile and into everything these days. You crawl so fast and are pulling up and cruising along our furniture and down the walls in the hallway. People keep telling us you'll be walking before we know it. We must always keep the gate closed by the steps or before we know it you are halfway upstairs. You move so quickly! You generally tattle on yourself though and start giggling as you are heading towards the stairs or to the dogs' water bowl or anything you know you aren't supposed to have. You get this cheeky grin and just start cracking up as you speedily crawl away from us. You are such a little goofball, full of personality. Everyone comments to us how happy you are and ask if you are ever grumpy. While you do have your moments, you are generally the happiest baby I've ever seen.

It is so much fun watching your personality develop and change. I can tell you will be extroverted like your dad, but you also have a quiet side too. You've started this new thing where you'll blush and put your head down and look up through the top of your eyes at us. You are so happy and friendly to everyone. Always waving, giggling and smiling to everyone you see. You do get shy and quieter around strangers and people you don't see often. You generally save your chattiness and conversations for at home and around those you know the best.

You got your first two teeth this month. The first one came through just 3 days after we got home from vacation (August 10th). I could tell you were uncomfortable since you were clingier than normal (you typically like your freedom to crawl about on your own). You just wanted to be held all the time, but you were in good spirits and still happy as ever despite the teething discomforts. Just a week and a half later (August 19th or so) your second tooth came through. Both are on the bottom in the front.

This month we went on our first family vacation to Burt Lake. You had so much fun! You didn't really love the boat rides, though I think it was mostly the life jacket you hated. You did great though and would snuggle up with me or dad and fall asleep in our arms. You had so much fun playing with your cousins all week. It was so sweet watching you play with them. We so treasure those times with family.

My darling, I don't know where the last 8 months have gone. One minute you were a brand new baby, a tiny newborn just starting to discover the world, and what seems like just a second later, you are 8 months old and more alert and aware of your surroundings. You love discovering new things. You'll pick up anything you come across at home and examine it closely. You especially love checking out the things dad and I use often: the dog bowls, our phones, shoes, my purse, the diaper bag, wipes container, dishwasher, etc. I can tell you are studying them closely to see what everything does and how things work. You love studying our faces, touching our eyes, noses and mouths. You've also discovered my jewelry and love to hold it, so I have to be extra careful that you don't pull an earring out or tug my necklace too hard.

Your bond with your family is so sweet. Your face lights up when you see your grandmas and grandpas. I love picking you up after work and seeing your face just light up when you see me or when dad gets home from work and you see him. You get so excited when you see your loved ones and it is so precious. I can tell you absolutely love your family and it feels so good to be loved by you sweetheart. You are full of joy and love, it just radiates from you and always brings a smile to my face. I love you sweet baby girl.

Love you,

Weight: 16 lbs 2 oz.
Wearing: 6 month clothing, 9 month pajamas and still some 3 month separates.
Size 2 diapers, size 3 at night

waving to us, to the dogs, to anything really
blowing raspberries
climbing the stairs
making a click noise with your tongue by pushing it to the top of your mouth and clicking it down
feeding the dogs from your high chair and getting into their dog bowls at their mealtime
pulling up on furniture and cruising along
"helping" do the dishes - mostly climbing onto the dishwasher or holding the rack
being mobile and crawling everywhere

It is getting more difficult to get your monthly photos with the blocks. You don't like to sit still for long and love to grab the blocks to play with them. I love seeing your personality in these photos, an active little girl, being silly and excited to get down and play.
You love making this face lately - scrunching up your nose and making this sniffing sound. Then you crack up laughing. 

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