July 29, 2015

7 months

My dearest little girl,

I say it every month, but my goodness, time slow down, you are growing up so quickly. At your 6 month check up the pediatrician said most babies start to crawl around 7-8 months and around 9 months start pulling up on things. Well, just a few days after that check up you were on the move! A week after that check up, July 3rd, you pulled up on our couch for the first time! I could hardly believe my eyes. Every time you do something new like this you look to me and to dad with this big grin. It is so precious. I can tell you are checking in with us for our approval and you are so proud of yourself and your new found talents.

You are now totally mobile. You love crawling everywhere and seeing what new things you can pull up on. You are cautious not to let go of things, but you are slowly starting to find your balance. You've had a few spills while holding onto the chairs or couch, but you are getting even better at maintaining your balance and landing on your bottom gracefully. Everyone comments how they can't believe how petite and strong you are and that we'll have a walking baby on our hands in no time at all.
One of your favorite things to do is play hide and seek. All I have to do is step out of your line of sight (behind a wall or into the next room) and go "lala, where are you?", you come crawling out and when you see me you stop and sit in the hall and get the biggest smile on your face and hold your hands together under your chin. It is the most adorable thing.

You love when I'm in the kitchen doing dishes or cooking. If the dishwasher is open, you make your way over so fast and pull yourself right up to "help". You do the same thing if the refrigerator door is open, you love checking out the lower shelves inside the fridge and also pulling any papers that are hanging on the door. You love mirrors and seeing your reflection in the glass on the oven door.

You've discovered where we keep the dogs' water bowls and you love "helping" them at mealtime. You climb right into Niah's bowl or spill Ellie's food on the floor. They mostly ignore you and keep on eating. They especially love our mealtime now that you are having solid foods. They always stick close to your side when you are in your high chair since that means treats will be coming their way. You love trying new foods, but I think you love sharing your food with the puppies even more. You are always leaning over your tray with a hand full of food and Niah is right there ready to lick your cheeks and hands hoping for a treat. Some of your favorite foods are watermelon, green beans, pancakes, peaches, scrambled eggs and avocado. You love trying new flavors and textures. We haven't been giving you traditional rice cereal or purees, just steamed veggies or whatever we are eating that is soft enough for you to gum. You love sitting at the table with us. You don't have any teeth yet, but the pediatrician thinks they could come this month. We'll see, only time will tell.

We will go on our very first family vacation soon to dad's favorite place in the world, his uncle's lake house in Michigan. We are so excited to spend time with daddy's extended family and to watch you play with all your cousins for days on end. You love the when we swim in the pool, so I'm sure you will love the lake too! Your cousins just adore you. This past weekend Miles and Sophie were amazed at how you were standing on your own. Miles kept putting his hands on your cheeks and looking you in the eye saying "Charlotte I'm so pwoud of you for standing. You're so big. I'm so pwoud of you". It was the most precious thing.

I love you sweet baby girl. You are the happiest baby, always smiling and waving to us. I can't wait to see what the next month has in store for you.


Weight: 15.2lbs
Wearing: 6 month clothing, and still some 3 month separates.
Size 2 diapers

waving to us, to the dogs, to anything really
feeding the dogs from your high chair and getting into their dog bowls at their mealtime
pulling up on furniture
mirrors or glass to see your reflection
being mobile and crawling everywhere
blowing raspberries

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