July 10, 2015

4th of July, 2015

The 4th of July looked a little different for us this year. We were supposed to be on vacation at the lake this past week, but after a string of illness in the family and unforeseen events we decided to postpone vacation until later in the summer. So we stayed home and had a great weekend with friends and family. Todd and I both had Friday off work, which was so nice to have a bonus weekend day. We spent a lot of the weekend tackling items on our to-do list. We did some errands to pick up items to help baby-proof the house. Todd took care of some little projects around the house. Saturday we made a trip to Ikea searching for some dressers and patio furniture. We got some great ideas but only came home with some storage tubs to pack things away in our basement while we begin the waterproofing project.

Saturday afternoon we headed over to a friend's house for a pool party and cookout. It was so much fun to visit with friends we hadn't seen in awhile. We mostly stayed inside and in the shade to keep our sweet girl from getting too much sun. She had a great time showing everyone her new found skills of crawling and pulling up to stand. She was all smiles and just happy as could be. We headed home before any fireworks started to keep the pups company. Ellie is terrified of them and we didn't want her home alone. The neighbors came over for a quick visit and to capture our 4th photos. The bugs started coming out so we headed inside, tuned into the fireworks on tv. The kids played for a bit and once they left we headed to bed. It was a noisy night since our town does a big fireworks display just 5 minutes from our house but luckily the baby slept right through it, Niah ignored them and Ellie just clung to our sides until they were over.

All in all, a nice weekend with the perfect balance of work and fun with friends.

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