March 26, 2015

3 Months

My little love,
You are 3 months old this week. I can hardly believe where the time has gone. We've had a busy few days. This weekend you learned how to roll over (March 22 to be exact). You have been working so hard to figure it out the last week or so and this weekend it happened. You are now sleeping in the pack and play in our bedroom and no longer in the rock n' play since you try to roll out of it! You don't like sleeping on your back anymore and instead as soon as we lay you down you flip yourself over to your belly. I keep trying to get you to sleep on your back, since that is what everyone says is best, but you won't have it. You love sleeping on your tummy, with your face straight into the mattress, so of course I try to get you to turn your head to the side and am up half the night staring at you to make sure you are still breathing. I figure, if you can get yourself there, you can get yourself out of there. You are sleeping better and average 4 hours in a row and wake 2 times at night to nurse. I don't mind it though, I love our time together when the house is so quiet and peaceful. You eat and go right back to sleep.
You are loving tummy time now and seeing what is going on around you, especially now that you can control how long you stay on your belly. You are such a happy little girl. The day I took these photos you spent a good 45 minutes just giggling and laughing at the camera. You are all smiles and full of giggles and sweet baby coos. You love figuring out how to move your arms and kick your legs. Sophie the giraffe is your favorite toy, you love chewing on her face and feet and can grasp her pretty well.
We had a great time celebrating daddy's birthday this week and your cousins from Columbus came for a visit. It is so much fun to see you with them. Already at such a young age your eyes light up when you see babies and children. Watching them play wears you out though and you can get overwhelmed by their running and playing and get worked up to tears, but then a few minutes later you are happy again. You love to watch them but it can also get to be too much for you. I love watching your personality develop. I can tell already you want to play with them, but you also have a sweet sensitive side. I can't wait to see how your tender personality continues to develop and grow.

Love you sweet baby girl.

11lbs 15oz
wearing: newborn, 0-3 month and 3 months

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