April 1, 2015

April Goals

The first time I have ever set any sort of monthly goals was last month. I did pretty good at a few and not so great at others. I really liked having a set list of things to try to accomplish and work towards.
The weather is finally warming up and Spring is in the air, so I'm feeling much more motivated to get some projects done around the house and spend more time outside.

March Goals: 

  • Work on little one's baby book - I started a couple pages, but didn't get as much done as I would have liked
  • Celebrate Todd's birthday - We had a nice family dinner with Todd's parents and then went out a few days later to celebrate with our friends. We will be celebrating with my family later this week. 
  • Read The Circle Maker - I think I finished one chapter...hopefully I'll have some more time to read soon.  
  • Start cleaning out our basement - We are making great progress here! 
  • Celebrate our nephew's birthday - We had so much fun at our Nephew's birthday party. 
  • Go walking 2-3 times a week - The weather has been typical for southwest Ohio... unpredictable. I think I averaged 1-2 walks a week. Hoping for more time outside this month. 
  • Read my daily devotional - I did pretty good at this on the week days, but tended to forget on the weekends. 

April Goals: 

  • Keep working on little one's baby book
  • Celebrate my birthday
  • Read The Circle Maker
  • Celebrate Easter with our both of our families
  • Continue cleaning out our basement in preparation for our yard sale
  • Go walking 2-3 times a week
  • Have at least two "Sunday Fun-Days". 
  • Read my daily devotional
  • Have a fun date night with Todd to see The Lion King
  • Clean out our closets / dressers

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