January 26, 2015

1 Month

My sweet girl,
You are a month old this week. We had your one month check up with the pediatrician and you've grown an inch and a half in length and almost 2 pounds since your birthday. You now weight 8lbs 14ozs and are 21.5" long. I can't believe how quickly you are growing!

I love spending my days with you. I think the dogs love having us both home all the time too. Niah is enamored by you, anytime you cry she wants to check on you and she loves trying to give you kisses. We are always right there with you if her kisses get to be too much for you, but you aren't even phased by it. Your dad is so excited to see you every day when he gets home from work, he wants to soak up as much time with you as he can. I can't believe how quickly time is going and that my maternity leave will be over in just a couple short weeks. I know returning to work will be difficult for me, but I take comfort knowing you will be in great hands with your grandmas taking turns watching you. So for now, I'm savoring every moment with you and loving that I have the opportunity to spend all day with you now.

We are starting to develop a routine for our days, but haven't quite settled into anything yet. You still wake several times a night to nurse or for a clean diaper. I don't mind waking up so many times though. I really enjoy our time together in the middle of the night. The house is quiet and the lights are soft and you and I get to bond. I love how you look up at me with a sweet tenderness in your eyes. You don't cry much in the night and usually go right back to sleep easily after being changed and fed.

When you were 2 and a half weeks old you started having trouble nursing and we discovered you had a tongue and upper lip tie. We were blessed and able to get into a dentist right away and he was able to release them. It was so difficult watching you uncomfortable during the procedure, but luckily it only took less than 2 minutes. We've had to do exercises where we stretch your tongue and lip to help you gain tongue mobility to help you nurse better. Its so hard for me as your momma to hear the frustration in your cries while we do them. Already, you are nursing much better and you are gaining weight which is wonderful. It is so cute to watch you discover how to move your tongue and stick it out. You learned to click it by smacking the roof of your mouth this week, it was so cute watching you discover this new trick.

You are becoming much more alert and aware of the world around you, but you still sleep most of the time. You love riding in the car and it soothes you right to sleep. You love to be held while you sleep and don't like to be set down in your bed. Sometimes the only way I can accomplish things at home is if I put you in the moby wrap. You love being wrapped up close to me and you always fall right to sleep.

You love being held while your daddy sings to you. Your favorite songs are "Away in a Manger" and some lullabies your daddy made up. For the first two weeks the only song that would calm you when you were crying was "Away in a Manger". I hope you always love music and that this sweet bond with your dad continues to grow.

I'm so excited to see you grow and continue discovering new things every day.


length 21.5 - 62%
weight 8lbs 14oz - 33%
head 14.75” - 74%
wearing newborn size

A few photos of you at 1 month old. In a few of these you aren't quite a month old, but they are too cute we had to include them. :) 

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